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John L. Manni, Ed.D., President, has held academic positions at Temple and Lehigh Universities and has been a practicing psychologist for 25 years. Thus, it is not surprising that John is highly skilled at helping people overcome the habits that stop them from getting the jobs they want. Client evaluations consistently point to the effectiveness of John's direct, goal oriented, scientifically based approach to helping people achieve their goals. In these times of a tight job market and high stress, it's critical for job seekers to overcome issues like negative thinking that block their success.. Doug Barton, Chief Executive Officer, is highly experienced at adapting to change. When in college, he added a second major to help get into the competitive advertising industry. He quickly got the job he wanted, and later left to start his own highly successful advertising agency, which he eventually sold. Along the way, Doug had to unexpectedly alter course several times in the face of new challenges, which added to his success. One of his reatest pleasures was mentoring junior staff members, many of whom are now successful CEOs and business owners. Job seekers who learn from Doug's business experience and flexibility can greatly improve their odds of getting the job they want.

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